A year already?

Written by Curtis on June 11th, 2011

Wow, it is hard to believe it’s been a year already since we first ‘opened our doors’, so to speak. (Actually, we started in April 2010)

A lot of hard work and dedication is beginning to pay off, Surmounted.NET is slowly but surely becoming a brand that is associated with reputable and quality services! Thanks to those who are involved in Surmounted.NET (Mostly Mike, he’s gone above and beyond to handle server situations for us and our clients) and thanks to all of our clients who have been with us since the beginning.

So, now what? Well, I can’t say for certain right now but keep an eye on our Twitter feed or blog for important announcements coming up soon. We’re planning on having some new individuals join up with Surmounted.NET soon so that we may provide better support to our growing client base. We’re looking at tools and features that can be added to improve our current Virtual Server offerings so we can begin to compete in the server market as a premium provider. We’re working on new advertisements to appeal to growing online businesses as well as flyers/brochures for our untapped local market.

All in all, we’re growing. A simple dedication to putting the client first and offering only quality services is beginning to take effect and the word is beginning to spread that Surmounted.NET is a provider worth doing business with. To those of you who have contributed to this by either telling your friends and family, by writing reviews, or the staff who promptly answers tickets at 3:30AM I want to thank you! We’ve been very happy with our clients and have enjoyed working with each and everyone of you, and we plan on continuing this for years and years to come. Once again, thanks for helping us spread the word!


Welcome to the Cloud

Written by Curtis on March 30th, 2011

cPanel Varnish Cloud

cPanel + Varnish Cache + The Cloud = Real Serious Hosting


Today we transfered all of our Shared Hosting clients over to our new Cloud platform, all of which have been successfully moved from our old setup with zero downtime or knowledge of the upgrade. This upgrade in service comes at no additional cost to current clients, in-fact our overall service pricing has not increased one bit. This is just our way of saying, “Thanks” for standing by our side and proves that our focus is still 100% dedicated to providing quality hosting services and maintaining great customer relationships.

You can expect increased reliability and enhanced performance with our new Cloud Hosting services. We’ve combined the industry standard cPanel control panel with an advanced web accelerator called ‘Varnish Cache’. Benchmarking and testing have proven that Varnish exceeds the performance of similar products such as: Nginx, Litespeed, and Lighttpd. Apply this cPanel + Varnish setup to an enterprise quality Cloud network and the outcome is simply amazing.

We will be launching a re-design of our website soon to reflect the new changes in our services, as well as transferring Reseller Clients to the Cloud within a week.

Keep posted for more news regarding the switch by bookmarking this blog, or following our Twitter feed: @surmountedNET