General Questions

What are the advantages of Varnish Cache?

We use Varnish Cache on our Shared and Reseller hosting services for the increased performance, lower server load, and blazing fast page loading from the content caching. Our own testing has shown that Apache+Varnish Cache better met our needs and outperformed our previous use of Litespeed in the same environment. There are several products available that offer similar results, Varnish Cache is open source and our prefered method of making things faster.

How long has Surmounted.NET been in business?

We've been offering web-hosting services since April of 2010 and have seen excellent growth and feedback since our initial launch.

Do you outsource your support?

No, we do not. The quality of support you recieve is very important to us and we would not feel comfortable allowing an outside company provide support for our products and services.

Network Questions

Where are your servers located?

Our production servers are located in San Jose, CA at the FMT2 Datacenter.

Who are your bandwidth carriers / providers?

We utilize a quality blend of providers on our BGP & Internap FCP optimized network. You'll find Level3, Time Warner Telecom, & AboveNET in the mix.

Can I get a network IP to trace? A speedtest file?

Speedtest: 10MB File - 100MB File

What are the hardware specs of your VPS nodes?

We're utilizing nodes that consist of (2X) Quad Core Intel Xeons, 32GB+ DDR3 RAM, (6X) 7.2K rpm drives in a hardware RAID10 array. The actual hardware specs may differ slightly from node to node however each node is built for high performance.

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