Virtual Cloud Servers

Surmounted.NET Xen HVM Virtual Cloud Servers are designed with reliability and performance in mind. Enjoy the performance of 100% truly dedicated and non-oversold resources .

Benefits Of The Cloud

We offer a 'True Cloud' service that benefits from all the features you should expect from a Cloud such as; Blazing fast scalability of your server's allocated resources, Automatic node failover, Dedicated resource allocations, Redundant cloud storage, and Much more! When availability and performance reliability is required for your online presence, our Cloud will exceed your expectations.

Premium Network Backbone

A Cloud is only as reliable as the hardware and network powering it. Our service backbone consists of high-speed Cisco cores with redundant power, HVAC, & networking with no single point of failure. Our Chicago, IL based network is fueled by Above.NET & nLayer Premium Bandwidth for unmatched connectivity throughout the United States and across the pond to the U.K. and western Europe.

Ideal For Online Business

Don't let your online business suffer due to frequent downtime or server instability, treat your online business to the power of the Surmounted.NET Cloud and say 'Goodbye' to the inconsistencies of previous providers. Your Cloud can grow as your business grows, allowing you to add storage, memory, or CPU resources to your Virtual Cloud Server as needed to keep up with your growth. Need a fully managed service? We do that too!


Basic Features

$25 Monthly $45 Monthly $80 Monthly $140 Monthly
Guaranteed RAM
512MB 1024MB 2048MB 4096MB
Included Cloud Storage
20GB Included
(+$0.50/GB Additional)
30GB Included
(+$0.50/GB Additional)
50GB Included
(+$0.50/GB Additional)
80GB Included
(+$0.50/GB Additional)
Included Transfer
1TB/mo 1TB/mo 1TB/mo 1TB/mo
Included IPs
2 2 2 2
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago
ROOT Access
Self Managed
Easily Scalable
Fully Managed Service Price

Our Fully Managed Service is the ideal solution to anyone with little to no knowledge of maintaining a virtual server. We will install, configure and tweak cPanel/WHM, install and configure CSF for optimal security score, and tweak Apache, PHP, and MySQL for optimal performance based on your alloted resources. We'll setup, optimize, and secure your server for your needs and will be available 24/7 via our ticket based support desk to answer any questions or to troubleshoot/solve issues related to your Managed Virtual Server.

+$30 Per Month
(includes cPanel/WHM)

Additional Resources Price
Additional Cloud Storage +$0.50/GB Per Month
1TB - 9TB of additional premium Monthly Transfer +$28/TB Per Month
10TB - 29TB of additional premium Monthly Transfer +$26/TB Per Month
30TB+ of additional premium Monthly Transfer Contact Sales
1-9 additional IP Addresses (Requires Justification) +$2.00/IP Per Month
10+ additional IP Addresses (Requires Justification) Contact Sales
Operating Systems, Control Panels, Etc Price
Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat Enterprise Linux) FREE
cPanel / WHM +$9 Per Month
DirectAdmin +$7 Per Month
(Unixy)Varnish Cache plugin for cPanel +$7 Per Month